Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Nissou Realty Group!

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Nissou Realty Group!
 May the good things of life be yours in abundance at this time of Thanksgiving and all throughout the coming year. 
Wishing my friends, neighbors, and clients a luxurious holiday filled with love, joy, great food, and wonderful company! Give thanks to the Lord!

With sincere appreciation for your continued support,
Stephen Nissou

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why You Shouldn't Wait Until Spring To Sell Your Home

We've all heard it in the real estate world - home buying season is upon us in the Spring time. But waiting until the "Spring Buying Season" might be more hurtful than it is helpful. 

To Many Options Can Be A Bad Thing
According to, this time of year has the least number of new listings. This means less competition. Because there are more homes for sale in the Spring than now, buyers will be less likely to see your home at that time.

Don't Wait
There are plenty of buyers right now that can't find their dream home. That's because most people wait until the Spring to sell. Don't wait! Your home might be a lucky buyers dream home. 

Buying selling right now, you get the opportunity to be a non-contingent buyer during the Spring rush. This allows you to be in a less competitive market and negotiate lower on the buy when there is more inventory.

When you're ready to sell, here are a few tips:
- Rake leaves and clean those gutters.
- Heat up cinnamon sticks. Because there's nothing better than having your home smell like an autumn festival. 
- Turn on the fireplace.
- Accent your entry way with pumpkin or fall decor to give you a little curb appeal.
- Call your local real estate expert. 619-250-4541

When you're ready to list your home, let me know. I will create a comperative market analysis that will show you just how much your home is worth! 

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Your Local Real Estate Expert,

Monday, November 24, 2014

Short Sale Listed in El Cajon, CA!

$750,000 | 4 bed | 4 bath | 4880 SqFt

Your own private mansion on over 4 acres of land! Enter through your own electronic gate to almost 5,000 sqft of panoramic 180 degree views. Kitchen and family room give you the great room effect with a completely open floor plan. The home boasts a formal living room with a seperate dining room, office and master suite are on the main level. Walk down to another large family room, complete with wet bar and sliding doors to the large pool area. 3 car garage and lots of room to park an RV boat, or other toys. 

For more information about this listing, and to schedule a private viewing, please contact Stephen Nissou today!
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Your Local Real Estate Expert,

Friday, November 21, 2014

Ways to Add Value To Your Home

With home prices skyrocketing this year, it only helps that when you’re preparing to sell your home, renovated kitchens and bathrooms help to sell homes. But as you get ready to sell, think about a few other ways to add value to your house.

The first unexpected way to add value to your home is by improving the front door- and that means getting a new one. A new front door adds 96.6 percent of the amount you spend to the value of your home, says However, if you’re strapped for cash, sometimes even just painting the existing front door will provide you with the same payoff.

Another way to add increase value to your house is by replacing the old garage door, and by replacing old windows with new ones. Although it can be pricey, it pays off in the end when selling your home because home buyers see and appreciate that. They are more likely to purchase the home because it has new windows.

Finally, an addition to the house can cost you, so building up instead of out can be a great way to go if you need to add space. An attic bedroom is a smart renovation, and can increase the value of your home by 84.3 percent.

Your Local San Diego Real Estate Expert,

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Selling Your Home During The Holidays - Decorating Tips To Help You Sell

It's that time of year - holiday parties, gift-giving, and fresh snow. Okay, so it doesn't snow in San Diego. But with home prices in San Diego increasing, many are selling their homes this holiday season. And if you are selling, you might want to consider these tips to get buyers in the right spirit to buy your home. 

Staging your home can make a huge difference when selling your home. When people walk into your home, they want to invision it as their own. By decluttering your living space, you'll help buyers feel better when they walk through your home. However, if the rooms are already piled high with clutter, your reindeer collection is only going to add a sense of overcrowding. It's okay to put your favorite holiday decorations out, but try to keep the space clean.

Before you begin untangling your tinsel, make your holiday collection match your current decor. If your living room is painted a soft shade of red, ditch the red garland and opt for white snowflackes or silver ornaments. And if you've got an earthy color scheme already implemented in your home, choose rich tones. Cranberries, greens, and gold are always winners. 

This is always a tough one for homeowners. But when you're selling your home during the holiday season, skip the inflatable snowmans, the trees filled with lights, and the reindeer on the rooftop. Try to tone down any light displays while your home is on the market. Instead, use simple string lights to help play up your home's architecture. 

A tall tree can help you show off the two-story great room. A skinny tree will help you save space if you live in an already small living room. 

Don't feel obligated to hang every ornament you own. Many people tend to use all the extra space they have in their home during the holidays, but remember - you want to make your home look as spacious as possible. Limit yourself when pulling out the holiday decorations. 

Just remember, as much as you miss your Santa figurines, perhaps with a bit of luck, you'll be celebrating next year's holidays in a new home! And don't worry - you can decorate that place with as many reindeers and ornaments you can get your hands on! 

Happy holiday decorating!

Your Local San Diego Real Estate Expert,

Monday, November 17, 2014

Home Just Listed in El Cajon, CA!

773 Palomar Avenue, El Cajon, CA 92020
3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1080 Sqft.
$390,000 - $405,000

Beautiful remodeled home in El Cajon! Remodeled in 2013, home features granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, backsplash. New central heating and windows, new stucco, vaulted ceilings, and nice open floor plan. Bathrooms have travertine flooring and new tile in the shower. Very large back yard and close to schools and minutes from shopping. 

For more information, or to view this property, please contact STEPHEN NISSOU today!
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Office: 619-873-2772

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

10 Projects to "Green" Your Home

"Going green" means living in a way that's environmentally friendly. It uses less water, less electricity, and less fuel, conserving natural resources while protecting the environment. It also saves money on utility bills, which is something all homeowners can appreciate. From simple to elaborate, here are a few ways to green your house and property.
Focus On the Light
Replacing your most-used light bulbs with CFLs will lower your electric bill while producing less heat and lasting longer than your incandescent bulbs.

While you're at it, consider adding dimmer switches, motion sensors, and timers for when you're away from home in the evening. Also, keep your light bulbs clean: Dirt and grease coats the bulbs and not only reduces the available light, but causes the bulb to burn out sooner.
Mix Your Own Cleaners
Many commercial cleaning products contain bleach and other harsh chemicals. Switch to natural products and solutions you mix up yourself. Clean up hard water deposits with vinegar, for instance, or use it to wash your windows. White vinegar mixed with hydrogen peroxide also sanitizes countertops (killing 99 percent of E. coli).
Go Low-Flow
Low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators (the tip that screws on to the nozzle) cost little and can save about half the water without sacrificing water pressure. Low-flow toilets are another option. Look for a water-saving toilet displaying the WaterSense label. Alternatively, fill a 2-liter bottle with water and drop it in the toilet tank to displace some of the water. This will force the toilet to use less water per flush.

If you're in the market for a new water heater, consider choosing a tankless water heater. It allows you to use the same amount of water, but it heats the water only when it's needed, so you save a lot of energy. Wrapping a conventional (tank-based) water heater with a special insulation and insulating all the hot-water pipes also conserves energy.
Spread the Greenery
To really green your house and property, visit your local plant and tree nursery. Outdoors, shade trees not only cut your cooling costs (up to 25 percent), but in the winter, trees and shrubs also break the wind and affect your heating costs. Inside, plants not only make a home feel more comfortable, they also help purify the air and produce oxygen.
Reduce VOCs
Indoors and out, you're surrounded by volatile organic compounds. VOCs are any carbon-containing substance that "off-gasses" (meaning it becomes a vapor, or evaporates) at room temperature. VOCs pose a significant health hazard. Paints, varnishes, cigarette smoke, pesticides, gasoline and other fuels, various glues and adhesives, cosmetic products, automotive exhaust, even cleaning products are but a few of the items that contain VOCs. When painting, look for low VOC paints, particularly those featuring the Green Seal.
Look for the Energy Star Logo
Getting rid of old appliances and upgrading to new, energy-efficient models can save you a significant amount of money. The EPA suggests replacing any appliance older than 10 years. Select models displaying the Energy Star logo to ensure energy efficiency.
Plant a Garden
Gardening can be a soothing activity, but this project also ensures you have healthy food. Home-grown food costs drastically less, enhances the outdoor environment, and reduces the environmental impact of commercially-bought food. Even if you have a small property, you can use containers and hanging devices to maximize your growing space.
Reduce Your Need for Paper
Register for paperless billing with utility and finance companies, and stop getting as much unsolicited mail as possible. The Federal Trade Commission offers a guide on how to "just say no" to junk mail.
Use Reclaimed Wood
Have a DIY project needing wood? "Used" wood is environmentally friendly and creates a beautiful look. Salvaged lumber can be used anywhere regular wood is used. You can even get creative and build a fence with wood pallets, for instance.
Move the Air
Insulating and sealing your home is critical. Another simple project to lower your heating and cooling costs is installing ceiling fans. In the winter, set the rotation to push warm air downward; in the summer, switch the blade rotation to draw warm air up instead. Moving air makes it feel cooler in the summer as well, allowing you to keep the thermostat a little higher.

As you green your home and lifestyle, be on the lookout for additional incentives. You may be eligible for tax benefits for some energy-saving projects. Going green doesn't have to be expensive, and it's always rewarding.

Your Local San Diego Real Estate Expert,

Monday, November 10, 2014

Home For Sale in Heart of Beautiful Jamul, CA!

14580 Lyons Valley Rd. Jamul, CA 91935

3 BED, 4 BATH, 2285 SQFT.
$399,900 - $459,900

Great panoramic views all the way to the ocean! House sits at back of lot, with beautiful new driveway and exceptional kitchen with granite counter tops and custom backsplash. With a 6-burner stove, double ovens, and plenty of room to work and solar tubes to boot - this is a chef's dream. The house boasts dual paned windows, a whole house central VAC system and a 5-micro splits for individual heating/cooling in different rooms. Beautiful outdoor decks with BBQ area ready for entertaining.

For more information and to schedule your private tour, please contact STEPHEN NISSOU today!
DIRECT: 619-250-4541
Office: 619-873-2772

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