Friday, February 28, 2014

The Home Buying Process

I recently came across this great step-by-step overview of the home buying process that is simple and easy to read. You can find it here:

As always, allow me to assist you in helping you find the perfect home. Give me a call today at 619-250-4541.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Quick Update on Economic Housing

It seems as though this cold San Diego weather is having a negative impact on housing sales for the month, as well as for the rest of the country. Sales of many existing "SFR", or Single-Family Residences, dropped 5.1 percent to an annual rate of 4.62 million in January of 2014. That's down from 4.87 million in December.

Much of the 5.1 percent drop is from the cooler weather the rest of the nation is trying to recover from. But is there a different reason for the huge drop? There's many factors to consider as to why home sales have dropped significantly. According to Economic Advisor Lawrence Yun, much housing activity is usually delayed until the spring, when weather begins to get warmer and people begin to venture out of their homes a bit more. Limited inventory is also playing a large factor of the drop in residences, as many people are not selling like they did in previous years. Tight credit, higher prices, and higher mortgage interest rates are also all factors in the drop of existing sales.

So there's an update on the economic housing for this week. If your still considering if you want to sell your home, or are just curous to see how much it's worth, head on over to to find out just how much you could get for your home. 

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring Selling Season Is Upon Us

Ever heard the saying "The best time to sell your house is in the Spring?" It's true. And guess what- Spring is upon us and now is a better time to sell than ever! So if you've been considering selling your home, 2014 is the year to do it. 

Buyers typically look for homes that are for sale online during the months of December - February, not only to see what's available, but to find out just what home prices are going for. According to Forbes Magazine, 65% of all home buyers first search online when trying to find a home. If your ready to sell your home and don't have 1) a realtor and 2) have your home online to sell, then you're missing out on any potential offers that could come your way. 

Since Spring is upon us (and it seems to be coming a little bit earlier this year), mortgage rates have began to decline over the past month or so. This is a great incentive to buyers, seeing as how rates will drop to almost 4% this year. For buyers, the time to buy low is quickly ending, creating a sense of urgency to buy now before prices rise too high or interest rates return to more historically normal levels. And that's good news for you too. Since rates are dropping, you're more likely to sell your home for top dollar more quickly.

So buyers are ready to buy your home. Are you ready to sell? First things first, be sure to select me as your realtor. Not only am I the expert in the San Diego community, but I can tell you just how much your home is worth, and help you to sell it for top dollar. Since the Spring season is quickly approaching, make the right move and get your home listed with me today. 

For more information on how to sell your home with me, visit my website at 

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Backyard Inspiration Just In Time For Spring!

With the end of February upon us and March right around the corner, now is a great time to spruce up that backyard patio that you've been meaning to do. With the spring season heading our way, check out some great backyard inspiration that's left us wanting more! And don't worry about the cost; most of this you can do without the hired help. DIY projects are becoming more and more popular. Check out local bargains online for patio furniture and check out great design blogs and boards for how to make your backyard patio one of a kind!

To view more backyard inspirational pictures, and to see more tips for Spring, check out the Nissou Realty Group pinterest page here:

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brand New & Built For You!

Check out this brand new home, built just for you in El Cajon! The home itself was built in 2014 and features a spacious open floor plan along with other great amenities! The home is 4 bedroom, 3 bath and detached garage. The buyer can choose the flooring when purchased. 

For more information about this home, and to schedule a viewing, please contact me directly at 619-250-4541!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Looking For A Home? I've Got One For You!

This home was built in 2014, and built for you! Spacious 1600 sq ft custom home with 4 bed, 3 bath located in El Cajon! $369,000..Impressive stone entrance, paver driveway, open concept kitchen offering granite countertops, large island, maple cabinets & stainless steel appliances. Spacious master suite w/large master bath, double sink & walk-in closet. Other features include: tankless water heater, central hvac & a convenient upstairs laundry room, dual pane windows. Walking distance to shopping & restaurants. Buyer can select flooring.

Give me a call today for more information or to schedule a viewing! 619-250-4541

To view all information about this home, click here:

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Famous Homes in the USA

We’ve all seen those homes that make us do a double-take when passing by. We're mesmorized by their vast beauty, the marble pillars, and the giant lion statues in the driveway. 

Here’s a list of some of the most unique homes that truly stand out—one if our very own San Diego backyard!

White House:

Inspired by an Atlanta home builder in 2001, this Atalnta White House is a replica of the famous Washington D.C White House, with 16,500 square feet of space, 36 rooms, and an Oval Office.

Guitar Home:

 From the street, this house might look like any ordinary Georgia ranch style home. But from above, it’s in the shape of a guitar, complete with electrical wires to mimic strings.


Shoe Home:

Located in Pennsylvania, this 1948 landmark home, built by shoe store tycoon Mahlon Haines built this home as a marketing gimmick. The home features a stained-glass portrait of the owner himself.

Rotating Home:

Right in our very own backyard- this “rotating home” right in the heart of Mt. Helix generates 80% of it’s own power using solar panels and a floodable roof. The house can be rotate in either direction while still being connected to all of it’s utilities and has two turntables in the garage so that cars never have to back out. The house even has it’s own website,!

Skinny Home:

Built in 1890, this house in Boston’s North end is just over 10 feet wide. The front door is positioned in the side ally and was allegedly built to obscure a neighboring houses view.

Airplane Home:

This retired Boeing 727 sits on a wooded lot in Hillsboro, Oregon. The aircraft provides 1,066 square feet of living space. 

Have your own unique home? Send us a photo and we'll feature it on our blog!

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Vision 2014: “So, How’s the Real Estate Market?” » KW Blog

Vision 2014: “So, How’s the Real Estate Market?” » KW Blog

What an amazing and informational read from the Keller Williams Team! I'm currently in Phoenix for the Keller Williams Family Reunion 2014 and am really enjoying my time here! Check out the link above and let me know what you think!

Your Local Real Estate Expert,

Monday, February 17, 2014

Keller Williams Family Reunion

I arrived in Arizona Saturday for the Keller Williams 2014 Family Reunion! This is an amazing event getting all of Keller Williams agents together to build relationships within the company. 2014 is all about providing only the best service for my clients and getting you into the home you love. 

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Landscaping Tips to Sell Your Home

Being a potential home buyer, the first thing they look at is a home’s curb appeal. I’ve come up with the best landscaping tips to help sell your home in today’s market. An attractive and well-maintained landscape can add up to 10 % of your home.

Spruce up your outdoor containers by adding interest to patios and doorways.

Apply a fresh layer to all your garden beds to enhance color and contrast the plants around it. Seasonal color makes the landscape pop as well, so go for a splash of color.

It’s always a good idea to tidy up any herb plants that don’t look as good as they should.

Clean up any water fixtures to get rid of any visible algae, remove leaves, and clean filters so that the water is clear and clean.

Take care of any irrigation issues by making small repairs and provide information about your irrigation schedule. 

Repair faucet leaks.

Label as many plants as possible so that the buyer knows what each plant is and how to assist in their growing needs.

Your Local Agent,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Feeling a Little Bit Country

We've been feeling a little country chic this week. 

If you like the look of patterns and light pastels, but have your entire home very modern, try adding a little country to your living room but adding light turquoise throw pillows to your living room sofa. Or add some fern potted plants next to that lamp or buffet in your dining room. You can always add a little country to your modern home. 

And if you're home is already country chic, try adding a little bit of France to your home. Add a white vanity to your bedroom, or vintage mirrors over your fireplace. 

What's hot right now in Country Chic? Robins Egg upholstery and case goods! 

Here's some great country home inspiration for you that we found on Pinterest. Tell us what you think! 

To see all of our Country Chic pins, check out

 Your Local Real Estate Expert,

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting Ready To File Your Taxes?

Are you ready to file your taxes for the year? Before you do, give me a call! I can help you create a tax game plan for getting you into a new home this year before you do. 

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Monday, February 10, 2014

How To Make Your House Sell For The Most Money

When selling your home, the most important thing I tell my sellers is to step out of your own shoes when looking at your home and step into the buyers shoes. Take a good look at your home and property and ask yourself if it’s appealing to a buyer.
Most buyers are interested in these three things when thinking about a property to buy:
1)      Safety: Is this home safe for their family and pets? Are there locks on the appropriate doors (front door, garage), are there fire and carbon monoxide alarms, and what is the neighborhood like? Check each window throughout the home to be sure that there are locks on each one, and that they open and close properly.
2)      Maintenance: Is everything working correctly in the home? Does the garage door(s) go up and down? Is there anything that needs repairing? Do any walls need to be repainted?
3)      Appearance: Is the home clean, and clear of clutter? Is there too much color, or not enough? Does the landscaping need to be done?
Here are a few tips to help you see your home and decide what to fix first:
-          Fix what you can see. Make the necessary cosmetic changes. Start from the outside (the front yard, then backyard) before moving into the house.
-          Remove the clutter from each room, beginning with the family room, living room, then moving into the bedrooms, bathrooms, and finally the kitchen. If you use a bedroom for storage only, consider making the room more functional by giving it an office feeling instead of boxes stacked against the wall.
-          Replace faucets and towel racks in the bathrooms, and be sure that they are spotless and fresh-smelling. In the kitchen, remove appliances from the counter tops and store them in the garage. Repair any cracked counters as well.
-          A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to the appearance of a home. Always use neutral, warm and soft colors. Try to avoid wallpaper if you can.
Seeing a new home is the first impression for a buyer. They’ve never seen your home before. Be sure that the impression you’re offering to them is a good, long-lasting one. Make sure that you give your home a good hard look from the outside in. If the buyer can’t form a good mental picture of living in your home, they won’t be eager to buy it.
If you’re not sure where to start, ask me for guidance. My team and I are here to help you anyway we can!

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